Moseley Braun: Different Perspective Creates Solutions

Democratic presidential hopeful Carol Moseley Braun (search) harked back to her days in the Senate on Saturday to tell female political activists why she thinks a woman's place is in the White House.

It was at a hearing of the Senate Finance Committee on the Medicare (search) program, she said, and a senator proposed a 20 percent surcharge on mammograms provided under the health care program. It didn't occur to the committee's other senators that this might be a problem.

"So I raised my hand and said: 'Fellas, I know none of you have breasts to be worried about, but you have an awful lot of constituents out there who might have a real problem with having to pay a surcharge to get a mammogram,'" Moseley Braun said.

"You could literally see the light bulbs going off in the room," she said. "Having somebody in the room to make the case is that kind of important."

Speaking to the convention of the National Women's Political Caucus (search), an organization dedicated to increasing women's participation in the country's political processes, Moseley Braun noted that she is the only woman running for the presidency and said the country is ready for a woman to lead.

She cited the rationale of the ancient Jewish scholar Hillel, which became a mantra of the U.S. civil rights movement: "If not now, when? If not me, who?"