Below the Fold for June 15

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

The Write Stuff

U.S. Army Kasem Saleh may be the only American soldier who feels safer in Afghanistan (search) than at home. The colonel has a special gift. He writes some of the most beautiful, lyrical, soul-stirring love letters on earth, and sends them regularly to his fiancee. She rhapsodizes about the magical way in which his words express the kind of passion, longing, devotion and worship that bind hearts forever in love.

Only one problem: Saleh by one count has 50 such fiancees. Said one of them: "We are not a group of stupid, naïve women. We are bright, intellectual professional women. … He made us feel like goddesses, fairy princesses, Cinderellas. We had all found our Superman, our knight in shining armor."

The Show Must Go On…

Sandra Pupatello, a liberal member of the provincial parliament in Ontario, Canada, suffered bitter defeat this week in her attempt to upgrade the entertainment in Windsor strip joints.

Pupatello had sought to outlaw the regular performances of Brad Brunelle, who goes by the stage name of Tripod. Legislators decided that rather than dis-employing a small but vocal minority, however, they would let Tripod continue earning his keep as the featured projectile in local dwarf-tossing competitions.

In the Running?

Phil Frye of Hughes Creek, West Virginia, says he's mulling a run against incumbent Governor Bob Wise. Frye's wife, Angela, used to work for Wise -- and then had an affair with the governor, duly memorialized in a series of unusual e-mails left on the family computer. That led to Angela's becoming Frye's ex-wife, and Wise's ex-assistant.

Frye harbors no delusions about winning, saying: "All I want to do is be a nuisance to Bob."