Pat Sajak Weekend: June 15

Sunday at 9 p.m. ET
Monday at 12 a.m. ET

Join Pat Sajak for FOX News Channel's show with one-on-one celebrity conversations!

This one-hour show is a new place for conversation and celebrity interviews. Pat's easygoing style and appreciation for his guests prove to be a winning combination.

Check out these special guests:

He came from the dairy lands of Wisconsin and then broke the speed limits as one of the Duke boys in Hazzard County. Tom Wopat, who played Luke Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard, tells us about his journey to Hollywood. He also gives us an inside look to his current role in the Broadway play 42nd Street. Plus, what is Tom most proud of? He tells Pat. Don't miss it!

We'll open the balcony and eat some popcorn with Ebert & Roeper, who give Pat some tips on the best and worst movies of the summer. And they're not afraid to say it! And do the two critics talk about movies when the camera stops rolling? Plus, what do they think of reality TV moving to the movie theaters? Finally, Ebert tells Pat what movie he should have given the thumbs up.