Follow the Money in Iraq

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Follow the money. The old Watergate (search) line has a modern day application in Iraq.

We've got U.S. soldiers getting killed in snipings or guerrilla attacks on American checkpoints.

On some occasions, our troops have have captured these attackers, and found their pockets stuffed full of of U.S. dollars in what — in Iraq — are sizeable quantities.

So let's put two and two together. Quick, deadly attacks on Americans by people with pockets full of cash...

Somebody is paying them, and probably paying them specifically to go and shoot Americans.

So who is it?

That's the question, and the answer may be more interesting than weapons of mass destruction, which are still being hard sought.

Think Saddam Hussein is alive, doling out the cash to get back at the U.S.? Maybe.

How about old Baathists (search) and Saddam's Fedayeen (search) sitting on a few boxloads of $100 bills, handing out fistfuls to people who will go take a shot at a Yankee?

Whoever it is, the Americans have to follow the money back to its source and put a stop to this business.

There has to be a relationship between who is paying and who is shooting. If we can sit on those people — the paymasters — some of this anti-American jumping up and down will die down.

Iraq needs to calm down, and maybe it's getting there. But ordinary Iraqis can't get on with their lives with Americans still getting shot.

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