Sharon Osbourne, Harrison Ford and Ashton Kutcher

Sharon Osbourne's future; Harrison Ford's in love; Ashton and Demi make the gossip papers all in The Foxlight.

Sharon Osbourne says when it comes to son Jack's wicked ways, maybe the TV show wasn't such a great idea after all. She says the pressure of the cameras in their already dysfunctional household made things toughest on Jack. And she's taking the blame for his recent rehab visit.

Meanwhile, it's beginning to look like this definitely will be the last season of The Osbournes. That's because the numbers for the premiere were off a million viewers from last season. What does this family have to do to get our attention again? Uh, don't ask and don't tell them.

So Harrison Ford is in love? Isn't that nice. He's considered one of the worst interviews around and proved it on the premiere line for Hollywood Homicide when he snapped that the age difference between he and microphone stand called Calista Flockhart wasn't important. But he does tell a major magazine the pair are very much in love. And she says he looks best in the morning. Before the B-12 shot?

Finally, does anyone really, really care if Ashton Kutcher is dating Demi Moore? Or that he may be cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Murphy? Of course we don't. Doesn't stop In Touch Weekly from making it a cover story. I'd be curious to know how well it does on the newsstands. Have we all been Punk'd?