Guests and Topics for June 12

Here’s what is on tap for Thursday:

FOX & Friends First (6 a.m. ET)

Only one week after Middle East peace talks, both Jerusalem and Gaza fall under deadly attacks.

Is the road map to peace permanently fractured, or can it be repaired before more attacks occur? With us to discuss the matter is Rachel Ehrenfeld, the author of Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Funded and How to Stop It and the director of the New York-based American Center for Democracy.

Why are women in power the ones we love to hate? Why the resentment? FOX News Contributor Doctor Georgia Watkins joins us with some insight into this behavior.

FOX & Friends (7 a.m. ET)

Last week they were shaking hands, this week they are shaking fists. A deadly suicide bombing follows an Israeli-targeted killing. Is the roadmap for peace doomed? We’ll talk with Ambassador Alon Pinkas, who is the Israeli Consul General here in New York.

The Select Intelligence Committee of the Senate will look into Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. The White House welcomes the review with open arms. Joining us with information about this operation is the man who will be heading the investigation, Kansas Senator Pat Roberts.

Some speculate that the intelligence received about Iraq’s weapons programs before the war were inaccurate. An investigation has been implemented to uncover the truth. Were the reports exaggerated? Former FBI agent Gary Aldrich is with us to discuss the issue. He is the author of Thunder on the Left, an insider’s report on the “hijacking” of the Democratic Party.

A Palestinian homicide attack in Jerusalem and an Israeli gunship attack in Gaza total 24 murders. Is Mideast peace ever going to be achieved? Indiana Senator Evan Bayh will weigh in from D.C. He’s a member of the select committee on intelligence.

A document found in Basrah tells of sabotage, murder, and looting plans that were to be carried out against coalition forces if Iraq lost the war. Is this proof that the chaos taking place in locations like Fallujah is part of an organized campaign? We’ll ask syndicated columnist Paul Martin, who joins us from Baghdad.

Is the domestic diva guilty of selling shares of her stock days before the investigation into her ImClone sales? With us is William Flanagan, author of Dirty Rotten CEO’S: How Business Leaders are Fleecing America.

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