Tuesday, June 10: Still Haven't Found What We're Looking For

Some of President Bush's critics are growing increasingly impatient, they want an answer to the question: "Where are Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (search)?"

This has the president on the defensive, insisting Monday that, "Iraq had a weapons program,"

But the question remains, where could Saddam’s stash be and what should happen if no more Iraqi weapons turn up? For answers, we’ll turn to David Corn, editor of The Nation and a FOX News analyst; Gregory Copley, president of the International Strategic Studies Association, and Jim Lacey, correspondent for Time magazine who was embedded in Iraq during the war.

Plus, the Supreme Court (search) is set to rule on a case that could affect admissions policies at state-funded colleges and universities all across the country. Is the University of Michigan's policy of making race a factor when recruiting students constitutional? We’ll ask Gerald Walpin, director for the Center for Individual Rights, and Charles Barron, city council chair of the Higher Education Committee for New York City.

And, we’ll get the very latest on the Peterson murder trial with Kim Keenan, trial attorney; Melinda McAllister, criminal defense attorney.

Plus, we'll examine the role that forensic science plays in the investigation with Kathy Reichs, forensic anthropologist and author of Grave Secrets and Bare Bones.

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