Topics and Guests for June 10

What’s being done to contain the spread of the monkeypox (search) virus, a rare disease related to smallpox and has apparently never before found in the Western Hemisphere?

For answers, we’ll turn to Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson.

As ImClone Systems Founder Sam Waksal (search) receives his sentence for an insider trading scheme led to the indictment of domestic style-setter Martha Stewart, we'll get a read on just how closely corporate America is watching with securities attorney Jake Zamansky; criminal defense attorney Gerald Lefcourt; attorney Martin Pollner of Loeb and Loeb, and former federal prosecutor Lis Wiehl, FOX News legal analyst.

Just how bad is the Freddie Mac (search) situation? Could it threaten the housing market? We’ll ask industry giant Ara Hovnanian, CEO of Hovnanian Enterprises, and economist Don Straszheim.

We’ll take the markets’ temperature with Jim Awad, president of Awad Asset Management, and Gregg Hymowitz, founder of Entrust Capital and co-chair of Rep. Richard Gephardt’s presidential campaign.

Plus, have the Israelis doomed the roadmap with Tuesday's missile strikes? We’ll ask Ambassador Wendy Sherman, who served Secretaries of State Warren Christopher and Madeline Albright.

And, from putting off the Euro, to standing tall in Europe and alone during the war, just how strong are the British? We’ll get a read from former Member of Parliament Winston S. Churchill, grandson of the former prime minister.

Tune in tonight to Your World with Cavuto.

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