Hans Blix Takes On Detractors

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Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix (search) opened fire on his detractors today, calling them bastards who tried to undercut his authority and planted rumors about him.

He is evidently referring to unnamed officials in Washington, though he admits that even the Iraqis planted scurrilous rumors about him.

But Blix's remarks on the U.N. itself are much more interesting. He insists the international body should have an important world role, even over the actions of the United States. This despite the fact that members of the Bush administration see it as an "alien power" and "want to see it sink into the East River."

Alien power? It isn't just Washington thinking that. Many Americans also do, and are highly suspicious of an organization that would put Libya and Syria on important panels like the Human Rights Commission (search).

Americans also watched as the U.N. very publicly decided last fall through spring that it would vote no on whatever the U.S. wanted.

as for officials wanting the United Nations to sink into the East River... that's a nice, colorful description, but no one with a sense for valuable real estate would want to see the tower go like that.

No, folks would much rather see the current occupants evicted, the building privatized and turned into some very nice condos.

Now that's a good use for the United Nations.

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