U.S. Forces Capture Two Wanted Iraqis

U.S. forces have captured two more of the 55 most wanted Iraqis, including a former member of Saddam Hussein's (search) inner circle, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.

Latif Nusayyif al-Jasim al-Dulaymi, No. 18 on the top 55 list, was the most senior man captured. He's a former member of Saddam's Revolutionary Command Council (search), the small committee of the former dictator's top advisers, and a former deputy secretary of the Baath Party's (search) military bureau.

The second man captured was a top official in the chemical weapons corps of the Iraqi military. Brig. Gen. Husayn al-Awadi, No. 53 on the most-wanted list, also was a regional Baath Party leader in the Ninawa region of northern Iraq.

American officials hope that captured Iraqi officials like al-Awadi can give them information leading to the stocks of chemical and biological weapons President Bush said Iraq had before the war. No such weapons have been found so far.

More than half of the top 55 wanted Iraqis are now in U.S. custody.