Topics and Guests, June 9

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

President George Bush is defending intelligence reports finding Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (search). Iraq's possession of WMD was one of the major reasons for going to war against Iraq.  But so far, no evidence of Saddam’s arsenal has been found. Is this a thorn in the president’s side, or potentially a bigger problem? FOX News senior White House correspondent Jim Angle reports.

Plus, FOX National Security correspondent Bret Baier reports on the latest on the situation in Iraq.  There are reports that Al Qaeda did not have connections to Saddam Hussein's Iraq prior to the war, which was one of several justifications the Bush administration used to go to war with Iraq.

And, when North Carolina Senator John Edwards launched his campaign for the Democratic nomination to be president, there were high expectations.  The young senator comes with a personal story of everyman roots, who lifted himself up to be a highly successful trial lawyer, then senator.  But the candidate who at one time was considered Kennedy-esque, has been flailing in the polls.  FOX News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron looks at the current state of the Edwards Campaign.

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