Old School, Tears of the Sun, Frida and Scourge of Worlds

Old School, Tears of the Sun, Frida and Scourge of Worlds in The Foxlight.

Will Ferrell jogging in the nude may have been too jarring on a big screen. I know I was slightly nauseated. On DVD it's still a little disconcerting, but still very funny. In fact all of Old School is pretty amusing. The premise of old guys opening a frat house as an excuse to party works effectively. Vince Vaughn is terrific and it made enough money that they're talking sequel. Older School anyone?

Next Bruce Willis wants to get Monica Bellucci out of the jungles of Nigeria. Who can blame him? But the storyline about rescuing her along with a small hospital full of refugees gets a little goofy with a few plot twists and some smoldering moments between Willis and the Matrix babe. Still, some good action in Tears of the Sun make this a solid rental for Bruce's fans.

Lots of people liked Frida, I just wasn't one of them. But Salma Hayek does give a great performance about this fiery artist. It's not a one-note performance, just a one brow performance.

Finally, direct to DVD is the movie you get to direct. And you'll be yelling "action" a lot with Scourge of Worlds, which is completely interactive. It's a Dungeon and Dragons adventure. I like just watching my movies but if this is your kind of thing, here you go.