Topics and Guests for June 6

Conspiracy, fraud, obstruction of justice… Martha Stewart (search) vows to clear her name.

But is Martha's image repairable?  We'll ask a retail expert Howard Davidowitz and image consultant Michael Paul.

Also, is Bernie Ebbers in big trouble? FOX News’ Molly de Ramel looks at why the former WorldCom chairman is in hot water.

As the S&P goes over 1,000 in intraday trading, have the bulls been let out of the corral? We'll ask Joe Battipaglia, chief investment officer at Ryan, Beck & Company; Gary B. Smith, columnist for, and Tobin Smith, founder and chairman of ChangeWave Research.

What does the progress we're making in Iraq have to do with the peace process in the Middle East? We’ll explore the connection with Marc Ginsberg, former ambassador to Morocco and FOX News foreign affairs analyst.

Also, what should you tell your kids if you lose your job? Get the details from placement expert Bernadette Kenny.

And, in part II of Neil’s interview with Jerry Lewis, the comic legend shares his feelings on President Bush, the French and why he thinks the United Nations need to go. If you are interested in the pain implant device that Jerry mentioned on Thursday's show, check out Jerry's Tame the Pain Campaign at, or call 866 617 7246.

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