Reading Frenzy Over Hillary Memoir

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The old Clinton haters and Clinton defenders are rolling out to the TV studios like firehouse dogs that just heard the bell go off.

The questions about Hillary abound.

Did she massage the true story of the Monica Lewinsky years with a tell-it-to-Oprah tale that was calculated to win women back to her side? Or is it the real thing?

Evidence indicates the former, not the latter.

Did she decide against dumping Bill to save her future political career? After all, would she get the attention Hillary Clinton gets if she were just Hillary Rodham? Or was it really because she loved him, and had gotten over it?

Once again, I’d say the former, not the latter.

Is she driven by pure ambition, so desperate to be president that she will endure the misbehaviors of her now out-of-work, time-on-his-hands husband? Or is she just working hard as New York's senator, and that's all she wants to be?

Once again, I’d say the former.

But I’d also say so what? This is about par for the course, and getting really excited about Hillary running five years ahead of the campaign seems to me a huge waste of energy... at the moment.

Hang on, kids. The time will come when Hillary will put herself in play, and all the difficult questions will be impossible to avoid.

Right now, it's show time. Make some money, and go hide for a couple more years.

The Clinton wars are in the past and future, but there's not much in the present.

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