Race Cards, Race Cards and More Race Cards

A federal judge in Baltimore has forbidden a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans from criticizing a government decision not to fly the Confederate flag at a Confederate memorial, reports the Washington Post.

Patrick J. Griffin III wanted to include statements protesting the government's decision to allow the flying of the Confederate flag at Point Lookout prisoner of war camp only one day a year. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, however, forced him to cut the lines from a speech he was to deliver there June 14.

Griffin wanted to say, "the government was surely right in allowing our flag to fly here today," and, "especially in this place, the flag should fly every day, just as it is doing this morning."

But VA rules require public remarks at military cemeteries to be nonpartisan and "viewpoint neutral." Griffin sought a preliminary injunction in federal court that would block the VA from forcing him to revise his speech, but his appeal was denied.

The Race Card

A New York woman arrested for crashing her Rolls-Royce into two parked cars and refusing to take a blood-alcohol test says she was targeted by cops only because she is black, reports the New York Post.

Cops say Donna Mills, a New York state Supreme Court judge, was slumped over her steering wheel reeking of alcohol when she refused to take the test. The officer said she was virtually incoherent and slurring her speech.

In court, Mills’ attorney said the charges against her were motivated by racial prejudice.

More Race Cards

Baseball great Jose Canseco says the only reason people are going after slugger Sammy Sosa for breaking Major League Baseball rules is because he is black, reports ESPN.

In an interview on ESPN’s Outside the Lines Nightly, Canseco says the white media is trashing Sosa, who is accused of corking his baseball bat to give his hits a little more oomph, because he is a black Latino athlete.

“I guarantee you if this were Mark McGwire or Cal Ripken Jr., a so-called 'protected athlete,' an 'All-American' name, this would have never happened because I've seen things that some players have done, and they are white players and they're completely covered up,” he said. “If he were a white superstar player, this would never, never happen."

Still More Race Cards

French officials say the recent campaigns against French products are racist and the product of mean people in the Pentagon, reports ABC News.

Jean-David Levitte, France's ambassador to the United States, says the jokes and campaigns are “not so funny.

"It goes beyond calls for French products," he said. "When you insult the French people, simply because they are French, then it's a kind of racist campaign."


County officials in Pennsylvania are being chided for hanging what is being called an “intolerant” flyer that blames Islam for terrorism in a county office, reports the Evening Sun.

The flyer at the Adams County courthouse also called for a boycott of the U.S. Postal Service stamp commemorating the Islamic festivals of Eid.

The flyer was posted on a bulletin board in a clerk’s office. The county commissioners said they would censure the keeper of that office and remind other department heads not to post "intolerant, demeaning or slanderous" messages.


Black students at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tenn., are decrying as racist budget cuts which require the African-American studies department to be rolled into the history department, reports the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The students have requested an investigation by the local chapter of the NAACP. Jimmie Garland, who has taken on that task, has accused the university of deliberately stalling his efforts.

To close a budget deficit, the university wants to close the Office of Enrichment Programs, which oversees among other things African-American studies and women's studies, and channel those units into other departments. It also wants to close the African-American cultural center for two months during the summer.

Garland said the moves are troubling to black students.

"There is a concern about the African-American studies program being moved into the history department," he said. "Most history classes are taught from a very white perspective. The students don't want to forget their blackness, their heritage."

Higher Education

The University of California, Riverside, wins this week’s WTF? Award.

An article in the student newspaper, The Highlander, picked up by Opinionjournal.com, chronicles a day in the life of its student senate as it goes about its pressing business.

First on the agenda is funding for safety measures for women of color. (Safety is a racial issue?) A group called the Student Coalition for Peace wants a safe house on campus to protect the aforementioned women of color from the campus police department and the Greek community. No indication as to whether these women of color fear marauding fraternities or aggressors from the Aegean.

The other pressing order of business was the content of a mural to be placed in the student commons. One Elisa Haro, described as academic affairs director, said the Shakespearean actors in the mural reminded her of pilgrim invaders and gave her the willies. Others expressed concern that the cranes in the picture were white (the senate demanded they be changed to cranes of color) and that there was no homosexual couple depicted in the scene (one would be added).

No word on whether a safe house for the cranes of color was to be added as well.

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Jeff in Kentucky writes:

It does not surprise me that there is now a masculinist movement. It only stands to reason that there would eventually be some type of backlash to all of the politically correct nonsense that has been taking place over the last few years. I am disappointed in most mainstream Americans, because they sit idly by and allow the vocal PC pundits push them around, changing the rules of society as they go.

Word to the wise America: These things may seem to be just funny and outlandish (because they are), but it will be much less so when our greatest civil liberty, the right to free speech, is taken away by the political correctness wackos who only want us to speak the way that they feel is appropriate.

Randy B. in Chicago writes:

Something strikes me about the Liberty Bell being the "bell-shaped" curve that once represented American values. Maybe even the word "Liberty" and the shape of that curve are inseparable. The curve, being high at the top, and tapering wide towards the bottom, should be large enough and ideal enough to include everyone and, if need be, gently ease them in a higher direction. Whether they're used to warn us, to call us to church, or to champion our freedom, in essence, the pealing of bells bring all to attention.

Our bell was cracked a long time ago, but look how strong it has been and how long the values it encompasses have held up. You know though, with all this walking to the beat of a different drummer, maybe we no longer hear the ringing. Worse yet, with the constant pressure to skew the shape of those values, maybe not enough of us will be aware or around to do something if the crack takes a fatal toll and the ringing finally stops.

Alan H. of the Cherokee Nation writes:

Reparations? Shoot. Native Americans can't even get money from the BIA, and that's for money paid for the use of Native American land. The Cherokees were never reimbursed for the businesses, farms, and property they were forced off when they were rounded up and marched to the Indian Territories (now Oklahoma — and later that same land was opened in the Oklahoma Land Rush).

I have not heard one word of apology from the African-Americans descended from the so-called Buffalo soldiers who massacred Native Americans, much less an offer to pay the survivors a single dime.

From what I have been able to gather from history, African-Americans shot, killed, and mutilated Native Americans who got in their way, all without a second thought. When I see African-Americans and European-Americans apologize and recompense the Native American peoples, then and only then will I listen to their beef.

Billy C. writes:

While trying to lampoon PC crimes against language, you commit an offense at least as bad as those you report:

"A report paid for by the taxpayers of Canada says "masculinists" are efforting to discredit feminism and challenge the gains made by women in education, at work and in family life, reports the National Post."

Nonsense. The Post article says nothing about anybody "efforting" anything.

"Effort" appears in the OED as a transitive verb meaning "to strengthen, fortify."  It is also labeled "Obs."

Your usage is intransitive, and the OED's meaning in your context is nonsensical.

Did you mean say that they are " ... trying to discredit ... "?

Susan C. in Puyallup, Wash., writes:

Just a note about the masculinists comment.

Considering that FAUX news has their own little "feminist" site that I read weekly (just to keep up on how the poor little white boys are being mistreated) and call it feminism, then why would the term “masculinists” be so objectionable? I repeatedly hear on FAUX anyone who is considered "feminist" called demeaning names.

As a female and the mother of three of the aforementioned "poor little white boys," I wonder if I did a disservice to the little darlings by not keeping them enraged at what the "feminists" have done to them. My sons grew up surrounded by bright, articulate, successful women and they apparently have not suffered. Most of these women were successful totally on their own merit and aimed and worked harder than a lot of men I know, because they had children to provide for. Not all feminists are hard-nose, man-hating, furious women. All the term feminism stands for is equality, not favoritism as you profess.

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