Guests and Topics: June 6

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Scott Peterson's (search) defense team puts Laci’s family on trial for the media. 

Is this a strategic ploy, or just stating the facts?

And a  judge in the Laci Peterson (search) murder case rules that the autopsy reports on Laci and her unborn son will remain sealed. We'll have the latest for you.

Plus, politics, politics, politics... We'll scrutinize all the political news of the week, including Hillary Clinton's (search) controversial memoirs, Democratic presidential candidates and their latest attacks on the president and much, much more. You'll want to be here when Slander author Ann Coulter (search) joins the debate!

Also, new legislation in California that could have a big impact on gay rights in the Golden State...

And you love him on FOX & Friends in the morning!  But radio talk show host Mancow also  has a serious side... He'll be here this evening to talk with us about his new book.

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