Guests and Topics: June 4

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Former First Lady Hillary Clinton's (search) vividly describes her pain over her husband's betrayal with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in her new memoirs, Living History. Tonight, former Clinton presidential adviser Dick Morris will share his thoughts on Mrs. Clinton's new book!

Plus, the controversy over weapons of mass destruction (search) in Iraq is growing increasingly heated on Capitol Hill... What's going on? Radio talk show host Michael Reagan (search) and New York Democrat Rep. Gregory Meeks (search) join the debate!

And later, he’s tracked cases from coast to coast. Could Mark Fuhrman’s theory on the Peterson (search) case fit like a glove?

Finally, another bombshell new book is filled with shocking revelations about "the Chairman of the Board," singer Frank Sinatra (search). We'll talk with the author of Mr. S. this evening.

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