Wednesday, June 4: Hillary Shares All

In her new memoir, Living HistoryHillary Rodham Clinton (search) acknowledges tirades and tears over her husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky and says former President Clinton lied to her about the relationship until the weekend before he admitted as much to a grand jury.

We’ll take a closer look at the former first lady’s candid confessions with Julian Epstein, Democratic counsel, and Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor for National Review.

Plus, federal prosecutors are expected to seek a grand jury indictment against Martha Stewart in New York Wednesday on a variety of charges, including securities fraud and obstruction of justice, sources close to the case told Fox News. Could the Domestic Diva face jail time? FOX News correspondent Molly de Ramel and Terry Keenan, host of Cashin' In, examine the case.

Are celebrities given preferential treatment, or treated harsher under the law? FOX News senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, weighs in.

And, is the media treating Martha unfairly? Carlos Diaz, correspondent for Celebrity Justice, and attorney Yolanda Gaskins, join the debate.

All that plus, Scott Peterson's defense team is putting out another theory -- this one also having to do with the elusive "Donnie." We’ll get the latest from FOX News correspondent Adam Housley, live outside the county courthouse in Modesto, California

Could Peterson's body language color the jury? We’ll ask Lisa Pinto, former prosecutor, Bill Aronwald, defense attorney, and Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, co-chairman of Vincent and Dimitrius, one of the world's top jury and trial consulting firms.

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