Raw Data: Key Dates in the Times Scandal

Following are the key dates in a tumultuous five weeks at The New York Times:

• April 29, 2003: San Antonio Express-News Editor Robert Rivard e-mails Executive Editor Howell Raines at The New York Times. The Express-News suspects Times reporter Jayson Blair copied material from its story about a Texas woman whose son was killed in combat in Iraq.

• May 1: Blair, 27, resigns.

• May 2: Blair apologizes in a letter to the Times for his "lapse of journalistic integrity." He adds: "I have been struggling with recurring personal issues, which have caused me great pain. I am now seeking appropriate counseling ... and I regret what I have done."

• May 11: The Times publishes a detailed accounting of articles written by Blair in which falsification, plagiarism or other problems were discovered by a team of Times reporters and researchers. The investigation finds problems in at least 36 of the 73 articles; 600 others continue to be investigated. The Times describes the episode as "a low point in the 152-year history of the newspaper."

• May 14: Raines, Managing Editor Gerald Boyd and publisher Arthur Sulzberger hold a town hall-style staff meeting. They apologize for mistakes and oversights that allowed Blair to repeatedly fabricate and plagiarize material.

• May 20: Blair says in an interview with the New York Observer that he "fooled some of the most brilliant people in journalism." Reports also emerge that Blair has hired an agent to get him a book deal detailing his experiences at the Times.

• May 21: The Times announces a committee of 20 staff members and two outside news executives to review newsroom policies in the aftermath of the Blair scandal.

• May 24: The Times suspends Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Rick Bragg for two weeks over a story that carried his byline but was reported largely by a freelancer.

• May 28: Bragg resigns.

• May 29: In a memo to the staff, Raines and Boyd say they are confident in the integrity of the newspaper.

• June 5: Raines and Boyd resign. Joseph Lelyveld, the Times' former executive editor, is named interim executive editor.