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Reporters Notebook
FNC's Jerusalem correspondent recalls a rare moment of peace, as well as a conversation with the mother of a Palestinian homicide bomber.
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Amy shares memories of the surprising hospitality she's experienced in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
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Mike tells us what it's like to stare down the barrel of a pistol wielded by a nine-year-old Pakistani boy.
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Recipes from Skinnerville
We asked Jane Skinner to post some of her world-famous recipes. Find out what Shep Smith has been raving about on Studio B.
Get Jane's recipes.
Your Questions Answered
Are homicide bombings headed to the U.S.? Why is France opposing an invasion of Iraq? FNC's foreign affairs and terrorism analyst Mansoor Ijaz answers FOX Fan questions.
Read his answers.
Inside Interview — Steve Centanni
We caught up with Steve to find out why Qatar, the future Centcom for action in Iraq, has welcomed the U.S. military with open arms.
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Exclusive Interview
Russian weapons in Iraq? Secretary of State Colin Powell speaks with Brit Hume about this wartime diplomatic dispute.
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Stop Identity Theft
It's a high-payoff, low-risk crime. We tell you how not to become a victim.
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Not a Drill
FNC's Rick Leventhal ducks for cover after a chemical alarm sounds at a U.S. Army base in Kuwait.
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Morning Slugfest
Get a referee! Brian Kilmeade and Janeane Garofalo nearly came to blows one morning on FOX & Friends. Check out this powerful Iraq debate.
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Inside Interview — Steve Harrigan
Our man in Baghdad tells us what the cameras don't show.
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Gas Guzzling Debate
Big = Bad? — Is owning an SUV un-American? Robert Kennedy Jr. thinks so, and mixes it up with four-wheeler Sean Hannity.
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From the Mideast
Preparing Children — Donning gas masks is a part of everyday life for Israeli schoolchildren.
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Fun Stuff
Two Grown Men Talking to a Frog — Kermit dropped by to discuss Hans Blix, Miss Piggy, and being mistaken for Shepard Smith.
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Fun Stuff
Wrestling Crocodiles! — Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and his wife Teri save the FOX & Friends crew from from some unruly beasts.
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