Spike Lee, American Juniors and Britney Spears

Spike Lee's famous name, the parents of American Juniors and Britney Spears in The Foxlight.

The Do the Right Thing director Spike Lee is suing over the TNN's new name, which is now going to be called "Spike TV." That's right, Lee says the new network is aimed at edgy men -- and he says that's him! How has Sara Lee gotten away with using his last name all these years without litigation? Come on Spike, they were never thinking of you. And look at the bright side, they didn't name it after your real name, right "Shelton?"

Next, if the wild parenting we're seeing on American Juniors is what it takes to find new young talent, do we really want to see the process? Of course we do! I don't think the pint-sized edition of American Idol will be as big as it's big brother, but wow are these "Mama Rose"-like parents frightening. And how about that puffing grandma in the motorized wheel chair? It's amazing her granddaughter had any voice at all with that smokestack in the room.

Finally, was Britney Spears rude to a bar patron at a posh New York club? A woman claims thata club worker came up to her table and said, "VIP COMING IN! MOVE IT!" or something like that and then dragged the woman out -- much to the amusement of Britney. It was the pop tart's favorite table. Oh, then I guess it was fine.