Topics and Guests, June 2

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

A deep disagreement over Iraq may linger between President Bush and French President Jacques Chirac (search), but on the surface it was handshakes and smiles. But in spite of the conciliatory talk, the president is skipping tonight's closing ceremonies for the G-8 Summit (search). Instead, President Bush flew and landed in Egypt, where he'll begin two intense rounds of talks on Mideast peace.


• A divided Federal Communications Commission (search) approves new rules governing ownership of newspapers and television and radio stations -- a move that could significantly alter who controls what people see, hear and read.

• Suspected Olympic park bomber Eric Rudolph (search), who could face the death penalty if found guilty of murder charges in two states, will be tried first in Alabama.

• Iran invites the United States to take part in building its nuclear program, aiming to allay Washington's fears that Tehran is developing a nuclear bomb.

• FBI Director Robert Mueller visits Saudi Arabia to praise Saudi officials for their support in the war on terror and the probe into the fatal May 12 attacks.

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