A Message to the Readers of "My Word"

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I feel you loyal viewers of "My Word" are owed an explanation about something that happens all too often.

Yesterday is a good example.

When I got to "My Word", you my have noticed I completely screwed it up. Many of you have emailed that you see me booting the "My Word" much more often than you expect from a professional anchor.

I apologize in advance, but...

Here's the deal. Sometimes, I get word that there is less time left in the show than it will take to fit in the "My Word" script I wrote.

After all, it comes at the end of the show.

Yesterday, I tried to squeeze it in and screwed it up.

You can tell that things are getting cramped when things don't seem to make sense and then suddenly I seem to say, out of nowhere... suddenly... by complete surprise...

Long before the point is reached, or the whole thing makes any sense at all...


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