Die Another Day and About Schmidt

From an aging secret agent to just plain aging in The Foxlight.

James Bond is back, and the DVD is more gadget-laden than his Aston Martin. With the DVD of Die Another Day, you get seven hours of extra stuff and the ability to slow-motion that Halle Barry surface eruption entrance.

For the first hour and a half, this one of the best Bond films ever. And even after he checks into the giant Igloo hotel -- call it a "One Season" -- it all starts to look like a video game. But it's OK, Die Another Day proves there is life in the old double entendre agent.

Here's one idea the director reveals that wasn't in the movie. He wanted "James Bond" to be revealed as a code name. That way it would have explained why five different actors have played him. Cool huh?

From aging secret agents to just plain aging, the small but incredibly powerful Jack Nicholson film About Schmidt. He didn't win the Oscar but he deserved it just for not playing Jack Nicholson.

The movie's queasy rider, trading chopper motorcycles for a Winnebago. His wife dies, his daughter hates him, he hates her fiancee, and then there's a nude scene with Kathy Bates in a hot tub and I'm still recommending it.