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Topics and Guests for Tuesday,
June 3:

•  In what the Egyptians call "the city of peace," President Bush pledges a personal commitment to expend whatever energy is necessary to end the 55-year-long war between the Israelis and Palestinians.

White House Correspondent Wendell Goler, who is traveling with the president in Sharm El-Sheik, will fill us in on the details.

We'll also talk to Davud Shipler, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land. What are the chances of success for the U.S.-backed roadmap for peace?

Plus — With a plan in sight for the Israelis and Palestinians, how will neighbors Syria and Lebanon be affected?

We'll ask Tania Mehanna, senior war correspondent for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp.

•  Coalition troops in Iraq pick through debris in search of evidence that would confirm or disprove rumors that Saddam Hussein was killed in a bombing raid.

Correspondent Molly Henneberg will be live from Baghdad on the investigation, including the continuing search for weapons of mass destruction.

•  The case of so-called "20th hijacker" Zacarias Moussaoui (search) may set a precedent regarding the rights of terrorism defendants. FNC Senior Judicial Correspondent Judge Andrew Napolitano will explain.

Plus — A Michigan jury finds guilty three of four men accused of conspiring against the U.S. by supporting Islamic extremists.

We’ll have more on these trials and what they mean to the war on terror from Homeland Defense Correspondent Catherine Herridge.

•  When California citizens voted in 1996 in favor of the legalization of medical marijuana (search), high profile, pro-pot campaigner Ed Rosenthal began growing the crop.

But when federal officials got wind of his operation, they arrested him for violating federal law.

We'll talk to Rosenthal, author of Cannabis Culture, about the battle between the state and federal government and what he faces tomorrow at a sentencing hearing.

Note: All guests and topics subject to change