Topics and Guests, May 30

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

President Bush begins his week long trip in Poland. He will thank Polish President Kwasniewski for supporting the U.S. led war in Iraq. Then, he heads to Russia and France to try and patch up relations that soured over the war in Iraq. But could the president's decision to leave the G-8 summit early indicate otherwise?


• The U.S. Embassy has received "credible reports" of plans to kidnap U.S. citizens in Gaza.

• Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon tells his Palestinian counterpart he would negotiate the creation of a state for the Palestinians if they fight terrorism, setting a guarded but optimistic tone for next week's three-way summit with President Bush.

• In a reversal, Iran leaves open the possibility it may have top Al Qaeda operatives in custody, including the terror network security chief suspected by U.S. officials of planning attacks in Saudi Arabia.

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