Anti-War Crowd Goes After America's Credibility

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Here's what's going on in the bash-George-W.-Bush-and-Tony-Blair (searchdepartment.

The people who didn't want the war in Iraq are now trying to portray the ones who did as liars.

Is that because the war opponents want to undo the Iraq war and make things right again under that nice Saddam Hussein? No, not even this group is quite that dumb.

What they're trying to do is undermine the credibility of the U.S. and U.K. so that in the future, when Bush and Blair or whoever else go to the world to say, "Hey, we gotta do something about Iran," their efforts will be spoiled.

The anti-war crowd has learned the lessons generals sometimes never learn: Don't fight the last war, fight the next one.

No matter how bad the Saddams or the mullahs of the world are, these people want to make certain there is no chance for multilateral action against Iran (search) or North Korea (search). These are folks who say they believe in international law, the community of nations, diplomacy, and the highest of all secular cathedrals — the United Nations.

Now... just for a reality check, two U.N. peacekeepers got hacked to death in the Congo (search) last week, and the ones still there are hunkered down with a diminishing supply of bullets, madly sending cables to the Security Council (search) for reinforcements. Is their own organization, the U.N., helping them? No. They're stuck in the open hoping for the best.

In other words... don't fall for this stuff. These are the same people who wanted Saddam to stay in power, and they want the next Saddam to be safe too.

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