Topics and Guests, May 29

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (search) says Palestinian leaders could reach an agreement with the Islamic militant group Hamas to stop homicide attacks and other violence against Israelis as early as next week. Abbas' comments come just hours before a summit with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (search ) to discuss a U.S.-backed peace plan.


• President Bush is heading to France and then the Mideast. But the White House is setting low expectations for the Mideast summit.

• The major fighting may be over in Iraq, but the occupied nation continues to be a deadly one for the American troops patrolling it. An American soldier is killed by hostile fire in the Persian Gulf nation, becoming the ninth GI to die there in a week. Another two dozen have been injured.

• Saudi authorities arrest 11 more suspected militants in its investigation of the Saudi Arabia bombings (search).

• Iran's supreme leader says the United States was fomenting tension in Iran and vows not to give in to American arrogance.

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