Topics and Guests for May 28

Oil (search) flows in Iraq and the United States taps in.

From soaring gas prices to a shaky economy, what does it mean for you? We'll be joined by oil guru Tom Petrie of Petrie Parkman and John Allison of W.P. Stewart Inc.

For the third time since taking office, President Bush signed a tax cut measure Wednesday to put money back into the pockets of individual taxpayers, investors and small business owners. How soon can we expect to see that money? We’ll ask White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett.

Saudi Arabia arrests more militants believed to have had a role in the Riyadh bombings, including a man identified by Saudi newspapers on Wednesday as an Al Qaeda suspect who allegedly masterminded the attacks. Is this proof that the Saudis are cooperating in the U.S.-led war on terror? We’ll ask Saudi Embassy Spokesman Nail al-Jubeir.

President Bush will meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Jordan next week -- "conditions permitting," the White House announced Wednesday. But is Israel being forced to sign onto a deal that will almost certainly lead to its destruction? We’ll ask Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist and host of After Hours.

The Bravo Network, owned by General Electric, is planning a new reality show, Boy Meets Boy. Is this over the top? We’ll ask the Rev. Lou Sheldon.

And, we'll also talk earnings and outlook with housing giant Robert Toll of Toll Brothers.

Tune in tonight to Your World with Cavuto.

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