FOX Fan Registration FAQ

I registered as a FOX Fan, but it says that my e-mail address is not in your system.

Over the course of your membership, you may have changed your e-mail address and redirected our newsletters to your new address.  You are more than likely still registered with your old e-mail address.  If you recall that e-mail address, use it to log in to the site.  Once you are successfully logged in you can then go to the Modify Your Profile page to change the old e-mail address to your current one.

If you do not recall your original e-mail address, we can look it up for you.  E-mail us the full name and snail-mailing address that you registered under so we can verify your account.  

I tried to register, but it says that my e-mail address is already in your system.

Go to the Log In pop-up window and enter just your e-mail address.  Click submit and your password will be sent to you.

I do not see any "pop-up" or registration page.

Here are some common reasons you might be having trouble:

1) Do you have "pop-up blocking" software installed?

You cannot have this software installed during the FOX Fan registration/log in process, or if you would like to modify your profile. Simply disable this software.

2) Do you have JavaScript enabled?

In order to navigate to the different parts of the FOX Fan section, you need to have JavaScript enabled. To enable this, change your preferences/settings within your Internet browser.

3) Are your cookies turned on?

Cookies are small bits of information that the Internet sites operated by FOX place on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies remember information about your registration status on our site(s) and enable FOX to make your visits to our site(s) seamless and convenient. For example, cookies will remember that you are a registered FOX Fan when you are visiting from a particular computer, and will keep track of your video preferences.

Cookies WILL NOT be used to collect personal information about you that will be shared with other companies. Please see our privacy policy.

To enable cookies simply change your preferences/settings within your Internet browser.

My password was never e-mailed to me.

E-mail us.  We'll look it up for you and send it to you ASAP!