The Recruit, The Pianist and A Guy Thing

Missed 'em in the theatres? Catch The Recruit, The Pianist and A Guy Thing on DVD.

Hoo-ha! Al's back and this time he's got the scent of a CIA agent. He trains them using the latest technology. Sort of a high tech "Goodbye Mister Microchips." It's called The Recruit because Pacino's trying to sign up hothead Colin Farrell, who for the first time in a film proves lackluster material prompts a lackluster performance. Still there is some reasonable action leading up to a silly ending so maybe new on DVD Hoo-ha man can recruit a few rentals.

Far more important is the Oscar shocker The Pianist. If this one got away from you at the theater here's a chance to see why Adrien Brody got that chance to lay the big kiss on Halle Berry. And to appreciate how great the direction must have been considered to beat out no less than Martin Scorsese and Chicago's Rob Marshall. Roman Polanski may never set foot in this country again, but he proves he can make great films just about anywhere.

Finally, what would you do if you fell in love with your fiancee's cousin after she turned up as the entertainment at your bachelor party? OK, A Guy Thing isn't based on a true story. But Jason "When Am I Going I Get a Part Worthy of Me Besides Almost Famous" Lee has to decide between wacky but hot Julia Stiles or stuck up but hot Selma Blair. Wonder which way this will go?