Guests and Topics: May 23 & 27

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Friday, May 23:

First, Memorial Day has special meaning to former veteran and Vietnam War POW Arizona Republican Senator John McCain (search) he joins us this evening.

Plus, the 2004 presidential race is beginning to heat up... Can any Democrat beat President Bush?  We'll discuss all the latest political developments with Democratic Strategist Peter Fenn and former Reagan staff member Betsy Hart.

Then, the most controversial segment of the night! Former Clinton senior adviser and unbashed Clinton supporter Sidney Blumenthal (search) discusses his brand new book... The Clinton Wars.

And later, is homeschooling becoming more popular among parents? Is it the best way to educate some kids? Why are some educators and others so opposed to it? We'll hear from both sides when Michael Smith, President, Home School Legal Defense Association (search) and FOX News Political Analyst and USC Law Professor Susan Estrich join the debate!

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Monday, May 26:

We've got a great Memorial Day show for you!

Sean and Alan sit down with FOX News Channel's two war correspondents Greg Kelly and Rick Leventhal to talk about their personal experiences during Operation Iraqi Freedom. What lessons did they learn from our troops in the field of battle?

Then, author and activist Norman Mailer (search) defends his suggestion that the war in Iraq was waged partly to boost the ego of white American males... Say what? You won't believe this theory!

Also, comedian Dennis Miller explains why he supported the war with Iraq and President Bush.

And later, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (search) discusses his campaign to get Americans to stop driving an SUV!

Then, American missionary Gracia Burnham (search) describes the ordeal she and her husband endured during the year she spent being held by Abu Sayef guerillas in the Philippines. How did she manage to survive?

Finally, singer Darryl Worley performs the song Have You Forgotten?  

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-All guests and topics subject to change