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The question is whether Lebron James, the high school basketball player, should get more than $90 million for a Nike endorsement deal?

He's also going to get another pile of money for jumping over college and right into the NBA.

A lot of people clucking their tongues about this. Is James worth $90 million for the shoe endorsement deal?

Wrong question. We should ask if those shoes — which are made in Asia by workers earning cents not dollars — should be selling for $150 and if Nike should be making profits in the billions.

I would do what you would do. If somebody came up to me and said, "I'll give you $90 million to say my shoes are swell," I'd say, "Where do I sign?" and "You have very lovely shoes".

The fact is that James is a basketball phenomenon. Should he go to college to enrich some university and not make any money, or should he skip college and make a lot of money for himself and his family?

It's hard to argue that his family, who are not independently wealthy, should do without so he can play basketball at some college which would keep all the money.

James should go to college, but a rich man has an easier time going to college than a poor man. If he wants a good education, he certainly can get one...

In the meantime, he should sign the deals in front of him, take his big payday and not pay any attention to the people complaining about his good fortune.

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