Topics and Guests, May 20

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

James Rosen reports: Homeland Security Department raises its terror alert level to "high" from "elevated" because of the renewed potential for terrorist attacks in the United States.

Plus, fearing an imminent attack, the United States closes diplomatic missions and its embassy in Saudi Arabia (search). The move comes on the heels of recent FBI warnings (search) that Al Qaeda may attack American and Western targets.


• The United States is pressing for a vote as early as Wednesday to lift U.N. sanctions (search) against Iraq, a measure the Security Council seems virtually certain to approve.

• Republican tax writers plan to send President Bush an economic stimulus package just over half the size of the one he wanted, completing the $400 billion tax cut and spending bill before Memorial Day.

• An explosion in a cafe at one of the busiest intersections in Turkey's capital kills one woman and injures another person.

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