Justifying the War in Iraq

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I hope the Americans find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but I think they should be given the same amount of time the French and the Germans wanted to give Hans Blix, which was really forever.

But the issue, “how important are weapons of mass destruction?” If we had gone into Iraq and found a country in which the people were living shabbily, poor, not much food or medicine, but were otherwise OK, then WMD would have been a huge deal.

Instead, we've got mass graves, a torture and extortion industry run for years and years by Saddam Hussein and his henchmen.

And now an incredible videotape uncovered Thursday of men being prepared for execution “blowing up.” They strapped explosives on these guys and they are going to blow them up to kill them. What happened to a bullet in the back of the head?

This is perverse and the only excuse for it seems to be that they ran out of bullets and blocks of C-4 were all that they had laying around. Either that or Saddam and his men were just sadistic. I think it's the latter.

So now that we have seen all the bags of bones that were people who were summarily executed, the tape of the exploding men, the buildings full of records of the torture, who is going to say finding the weapons of mass destruction is the deal breaker on the war in Iraq?

Who is going to say if there's no WMD then the war was unjustified, if it's not justified it's illegal, if it's illegal it's wrong and if it was wrong, then we should be out and Saddam should be back.

Who is crazy enough to say that?

That's My Word.

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