Friday, May 16: Why Are Kids Cheating?

In November 2002, a wide-ranging probe of student plagiarism at the University of Virginia has ended with the dismissal of 45 students and the revocation of three graduates' degrees.

The Charlottesville school's student-run Honor Committee finished the last plagiarism trial on Saturday after a 20-month investigation. In all, 109 students were exonerated and 48 others were either convicted of cheating or left school admitting guilt.

"It's never a happy day when 48 students leave," Honor Committee Chairman Christopher Smith said Monday. "But it shows the system worked."

Catching cheaters is one thing. But what happened to morals and values? Why are kids cheating (search) in the first place? We’ll ask Katie Meriano, director of Integrity at Quinnipiac University, and Kristen Richardson, campus program manager of the Independent Women's Forum.

Plus, who is to blame: the students, teachers or parents? Carol Nunn, a mother who blames education administrations, and Dr. Carole Hankin, school superintendent, join the debate.

And, how do we fix the problem? We’ll ask Brian Crosby, author of The $100,000 Teacher; A Teacher's Solution to America's Declining Public School System.

All that plus, the autopsies of Laci Peterson and her unborn son were completed by the Contra Costa County coroner and sealed Thursday by a judge in Stanislaus County Superior Court, prosecutors said. What how the results impact the case? Mickey Sherman, criminal defense attorney, and Lis Wiehl, former federal prosecutor, weigh in.

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