Topics and Guests for Thursday, May 15

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Stories for Thursday, 
May 15:

• A pre-dawn raid near Saddam Hussein's hometown nets at least 260 Iraqi prisoners. Is this the first step in restoring law and order?

Correspondent David Lee Miller gives us the latest straight from Baghdad.

• Two Yemeni suspects who escaped from prison in April have been indicted in the USS Cole (search) attack.

What does this mean? Correspondent Mike Emanuel covers the story from Washington.

• An Iranian (search) opposition group releases a report on the country's possible development of a bio-weapons program.

We'll tell you what it says. Get the story from our correspondent Major Garrett.

And what does this mean for the Bush administration? Jamie Metzl, former national security and State Department official, fills us in.

• She was known only as 'Mimi (search),' President Kennedy's White House intern who reportedly had an affair with him.

After 40 years, her identity is revealed. And correspondent Heather Nauert tells us about the mystery woman.

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Note: Topics subject to change