Tom Sizemore, Swept Away and Hannibal Lecter

Tom Sizemore, Swept Away and Hannibal Lecter in The Foxlight.

If what prosecutors are saying is true, what's with Tom Sizemore? Sixteen misdemeanors have been filed against him for allegedly hitting, harassing and threatening his ex-fiancee Heidi Fleiss, over the past year.

Sizemore's been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the former madame. He's accused of making about 100 harassing phone calls to her in a one-year period. Celebrity Justice says those calls include a threat to knock out Fleiss' teeth, kill her and hurt her family. So all this time of playing creeps in the movies he wasn't really acting?

Maybe Sizemore can play a young Hannibal Lecter. That's right. Producers are thinking of going younger with the franchise. Who looks like a young Anthony Hopkins? The story would show Lecter as a boy through his youth. "Clarice, would you like a Happy Meal with a nice grape juice squeeze box?"

Finally, are you ready for this? Someone wants credit for giving Madonna and Guy Ritchie the idea to remake Swept Away. And he's suing. For what? The movie didn't make 10 cents. And when you think about it, if it was his idea, shouldn't they sue him?