Time for the Saudis to Shape Up

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I'd like to give the French another go today, because they're still whining about being punished for being so arrogant and nasty before the war.

But I've whacked the French for the last two days, so just to freshen things up, let's talk about those nomads of the desert who we've made gold plated trillionaires, the Saudis.

We have put up with the Saudis absurd and corrupt society for all these years because they sell us oil and they have had the good sense to sell at prices that keeps the world economy growing.

But now that Al Qaeda has turned inward and is attacking the Saudi regime -- the royal family -- we are all on notice that the status quo is shaky. Can we depend on the Saudis as a reliable oil supplier if they don't solve their internal problems? No, because if they remain financiers of terrorism and if they remain the proponents of the most virulent and hate promoting wing of Islam, the 15,000 members of the Saudi royal family are going to have to consider setting up shop somewhere else.

We've learned this lesson before. The Shah couldn't hang on to power in a corrupt regime and neither can the Saudis.

We can't very well tell the Saudis what to do exactly. But we can say what to stop: Stop funding Islamic schools that teach hate; stop the wink and the nudge funding of so called charities that dole out the cash to bombers and terrorists, and stop the stupidity of telling terrorists 'go after the Americans, just leave us alone'.

Evidently that isn't going to work anymore.

The Saudis have to start being less problem and more solution.

That's My Word.

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