Terror Blasts: How Should We Respond?

Monday night's terror attack in Riyadh killed at least 10 Americans and "had the earmarks of Al Qaeda (search )," Secretary of State Colin Powell (search) said Tuesday.

But no group has yet claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks.

Terrorists shot their way into three housing compounds in the Saudi capital and then set off homicide car bombs, killing at least 13 foreigners: 10 Americans, two Filipinos and one Australian. At least 40 more Americans were injured.

Terror blasts: How should we respond?

A sample of your responses:

Yesterday's attack in Saudi Arabia is just another example of the continuing terrorist threat we face in this world.  Our only response to these attacks is a continued resolve to search out and eliminate terrorists through intelligence and military force.  We should all respond with prayers for those who were injured and killed, and for their families.  Good will prevail.
Adam K.
Littleton, CO

We should respond in kind; with extreme violence against the perpetrators of this, and all terrorist acts.
Brian H.
Ballwin, MO

There are 2 ways to respond:
1) As the previous caller said " Pull out all the Americans from Saudi Arabia "
2) You guys go in and catch the bad guys.

First and foremost, exposing and stopping the selfish irresponsables that influence our Government and have dragged us into the current escalade of hatred between us and the Arabs.
Ricardo T.

We should start by taking off the kid gloves and stop walking around on egg shells with these people, and DEMAND their FULL cooperation for a change.
They should allow a complete investigation by UNITED STATES investigators of OUR choosing. If not, they should be prepared for whatever comes their way, in the form of U.S. military presence.
The sooner we realize the Saudis are NOT our allies, the better off we'll be. They care nothing about American lives, or bringing Al-Qaeda to justice.
Nashville, TN

If we do nothing they might leave us alone
Henry H.
Rochester, NY

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