Partying Teens Charged With Vandalizing Homes

More than 50 teenagers are facing charges after dozens of partygoers took over two houses while the owners were away and stole jewelry and electronics and left behind empty liquor bottles and destruction.

The charges ranged from trespassing to theft, unlawful use of a weapon and sexual abuse (search). Some of the teenagers involved were as young as 13, authorities said.

"This wasn't just a party," Wheaton (search) homeowner Susan Bass said in Thursday's Chicago Tribune. "This was a lot more."

The Bass family returned from a trip to Mexico on April 5 to find their house in shambles. Blood streaked the bathroom floors, mud caked the carpet, and the walls had holes where partygoers shot arrows with a hunting bow, Bass said.

About $50,000 worth of furs, jewelry, electronics and guns (search) were missing.

Wheaton police arrested 11 teenagers, and 18 others were expected to surrender on charges ranging from theft to unlawful use of a weapon, police said. One 18-year-old faces charges of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl.

About 15 miles away in Hinsdale, another vacationing family arrived home April 4 to find more party remains. Police said close to $20,000 worth of jewelry, electronics and art was stolen. About $10,000 worth of jewelry has since been recovered.

Hinsdale police said 26 people have been charged, most for trespassing. Two people have pleaded guilty; one received court supervision and a $100 fine, the other received court supervision, 40 hours of community service and a $35 fine.

In both cases, police said, the partygoers got inside through friends of the homeowners' teenage children.