Topics and Guests, May 13

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Terror attack in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (search), kills eight Americans and "had the earmarks of Al Qaeda (search)," says Secretary of State Colin Powell. Terrorists shot their way into three housing compounds in the Saudi capital and then set off homicide car bombs, killing at least 20 people.


• The temporary Iraqi Health Ministry chief hand-picked by the United States resigns after just 10 days on the job after drawing widespread protests for his close ties to Saddam Hussein's Baath Party (search).

• North Korea's military may have aimed a laser at a U.S. helicopter in March, a U.S. official says, shortly after the North reaffirmed its decision to nullify an agreement to remain free of nuclear weapons.

• The U.S. trade deficit widens in March to $43.5 billion, the second-highest on record, as imports of foreign-made industrial supplies, including crude oil, rise to an all-time monthly high.

• The Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers plan to meet this week in the highest-level encounter in three years, but the two sides disagree sharply about a new U.S.-backed Mideast peace plan.

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