Topics and Guests for May 13

Terrorists (search) shot their way into three housing compounds in the Saudi capital on Monday and then set off homicide car bombs, killing at least 13 foreigners and seven Saudis. At least 40 Americans were wounded in the attack.

Did the war in Iraq take our eye off the Al Qaeda ball? We’ll ask Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas.

Plus, where could the next attack be? FOX News military analyst retired Col. David Hunt weighs in.

Is Martha Stewart striking a deal with the feds that will make the ImClone insider trading scandal fade away? We’ll ask Christopher Byron, author of Martha Inc.

We’ll take market’s temperature with Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist and senior managing director at Charles Schwab; Jeff Birnbaum, Washington bureau chief for Fortune magazine, and James Glassman, American Enterprise Institute fellow and host of

The Greenback is getting a facelift in an effort to curb counterfeiting. But is a splash of color the answer? Anti-counterfeiting expert Dennis Forgue joins the debate.

Plus, in the race to control a $27 billion industry, Sony (search) looks to be on the fast track. But is it “game over” for Bill Gates and Microsoft? We’ll ask Sony President Kaz Hirai.

And, the federal government giveth, but the states taketh away? Some states have been raising taxes to make up for massive deficits. Has that put some Republican governors in a bind? We’ll ask Connecticut Gov. John Rowland.

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