The Sopranos, Stevie Wonder and Saturday Night Live

The Sopranos, Stevie Wonder and Saturday Night Live in the pre-taped glare of The Foxlight.

How much do the cast of The Sopranos enjoy each other's company? Enough to pull costumes off the wall of a New York restaurant and start dueling with giant sausages as swords. If it sounds like something out of Animal House it was actually just a party for the show creator David Chase's wife. Tony and the crew were at a Three Musketeers-themed eatery and started whacking each other with salamis, so to speak. Management told The New York Post a fair amount of Armagnac helped lubricate the occasion.

The show is all diva, but the finale is all Stevie. The finale of the VH1 Divas Duet will be a tribute to Stevie Wonder, with Wonder himself appearing. He's an honorary chick for the night. Maybe it was the hair extensions.

My big fat prediction about this lifeless sitcom based on the hit move was right. It's gone.

Finally, how many times has Dan Aykroyd hosted Saturday Night Live? Never. That will change this weekend when he's the host on the season finale. Maybe he can yell at the writers and cast to make the show as funny as it was when he was a member of the Not Ready For Prime Time players. But can he stop Jimmy Fallon, Tracey Morgan and Chris Kattan from leaving?