The Sky Is Falling

Years of my skepticism about the reality of global warming, despite a consensus by university professors and media pundits concerning the threat, convinced me to perform a little experiment to find the truth about global warming. The results were stunning.

I studied temperatures from February 2003 to the present. My three-month study will astonish University of Washington (UW) students and experts in the field alike.

I found that in a mere 90 days, from February to May, the mean temperature around the campus has risen 13 degrees. Thirteen degrees! One can only conclude that in another three months, by July, the temperature will rise another 13 degrees.

If this projection is carried out over five years, the average temperature at the UW will have risen by 260 degrees! Government regulations must be implemented immediately to end this catastrophe now!

OK, I am kidding. But the experiment illustrates the lunacy of those alarmists on the left with the global-warming issue. There is no empirical evidence indicating global warming exists and is a threat to humanity. Yet the global-warming alarmists have taken temperatures over a short time and made sweeping predictions about future trends.

When confronted, alarmists give answers like those of U.N. representative Maurice Strong at the 1992 Rio de Janeiro summit: "Global warming is the primary risk to the human future [so] we cannot afford to wait for confirming diagnosis."

No time to wait for evidence? Without evidence, how can we be certain there is a problem? Are Americans willing to accept drastic preventative government regulations that will cripple the economy to solve a problem that may or may not exist?

Let us put this in another context. The Squirrel Party on campus has become frustrated with its poor showing each spring in the ASUW elections. So frustrated, in fact, it is planning to violently overthrow the student government and implement its own socialist agenda. To prevent the coup, we must kill all the squirrels now!

Now, I cannot prove my theory, but the threat is so dire that "we cannot afford to wait for confirming diagnosis." This is the rationale of the environmental nuts on the left.

Simply put, we do not know if global warming exists or not, but the evidence suggests it is unlikely. As former Democratic Gov. Dixy Lee Ray notes, "When no one knows, it is best to withhold judgment and avoid precipitous action." Ray goes on to say the politicization of the global-warming issue "means allocation of huge sums of public money, your money, to deal with a 'problem' that may not exist."

Scientific evidence is a hurdle to be overcome for political entrepreneurs on the left. One such hurdle is the cooling of the Artic. While global-warming theory insists the Artic is melting, over the past 50 years, ice cover has increased by 600,000 square kilometers.

In addition, more than half the world's glaciers are currently growing, and satellite recordings show a slight decrease in temperatures globally, if any change at all.

High carbon-dioxide levels, according to environmentalists, prove global warming exists. But data indicate that over the long term, carbon-dioxide levels have actually decreased significantly.

The current number, 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the air, is often compared to the 300 measured in 1900. Ignored is the fact that thousands of parts per million of carbon dioxide existed in the air for much of the Earth's history.

And the effect of humans on carbon-dioxide levels is microscopic in comparison to changes caused by natural processes. But the lie of global warming persists.

And, unfortunately, as Environmental Protection Agency contributor Peter Samuel argues, one can "tell a big, bold lie often enough, insistently enough and vilify the doubters, and people will come to believe it."

Jason Chambers is a senior studying political economy at the University of Washington. He is a staff columnist for The Daily, the campus newspaper where this column originally appeared. Students at the University of Washington watch the Fox News Channel on their campus cable system.

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