Topics and Guests for Tuesday, May 13

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Stories for Tuesday, 
May 13:

• Eight Americans are killed in a terror attack in Riyadh (search), Saudi Arabia. Secretary of State Colin Powell tours the region and says it "had the earmarks of Al Qaeda."

We bring you the latest from our FOX team coverage on the war on terror with Wendell Goler from the White House and Jennifer Griffin in Jerusalem.

Plus, what's next in the investigation? We ask Skip Brandon, former senior FBI intelligence official.

• And then there were three. The battle for the next American Idol (search) heats up this week.

We get the scoop from the latest contestant to be voted out -- Joshua Gracin (the Marine).

• Are investigators in the Laci Peterson (search) case spying on the media?

Correspondent Geraldo Rivera gets the answers and brings them to you.

• The case of a Texas woman accused of bludgeoning her children is drawing comparisons with another Texas woman accused of killing her kids -- Andrea Yates (search). And the two women may share some of the same defense arguments.

Will that help or hurt the case? We find out from Andrea Yates' attorney George Parnham.

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Note: Topics subject to change