Topics and Guests for Monday, May 12

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Stories for Monday, 
May 12:

• This week, officials across the nation will have their hands full with an imaginary "dirty bomb" (search) in Seattle and the fake threat of a biological agent in Chicago -- both part of the most extensive bioterrorism drill in the nation's history.

It all starts in Seattle.

We’ll have Team FOX coverage of the drills with correspondents Dan Springer in downtown Seattle and Mike Emanuel from the master control center of the exercise in Arlington, Va.

How real are these exercises? We find out from Dr. Steven Garner, chief medical officer of St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City.

• Two big arrests in the Iraqi roundup (search). And what may be another big discovery.

We go straight to the sources, our correspondents Bret Baier from the Pentagon and Greg Palkot in Baghdad.

• A Texas woman accused of killing two of her sons over the weekend is behind bars and on suicide watch.

Where does her case stand? And what made her do it? We find out from criminal defense attorney Dick DeGuerin and former Texas prosecutor Nelda Luce Blair.

• President Bush rallies through three states to argue for his $550 billion tax cut package (search).

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Note: Topics subject to change