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Topics and Guests for Friday,
May 9:

• A month after the fall of Baghdad, and we're still seeing signs of widespread disarray in Iraq.

People are begging for gas, electricity, water, security… and now they're wondering about all those promises to get the country up and running.

Hear what Peter Ford, a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor stationed in Baghdad, has to say about the view from the ground.

Is aid starting to come together, or is the situation still pretty ragged?

Plus – The U.S. submits to the U.N. (search) its plan for Iraqi reconstruction (search) that would call for America and the U.K. to serve as interim “occupiers” of Iraq.

How is the plan likely to be received? And what role will the international community play?

We’ll have Team FOX coverage with correspondents Carol McKinley in Baghdad and Catherine Herridge outside U.N. headquarters in New York.

• Rescue teams with chainsaws in hand are on the move in Oklahoma, cleaning up after the latest tornado to strike the Midwest.

Correspondent Jeff Goldblatt will be live from Moore, Okla. with the latest.

• How important are political consultants in today's age, where how you appear on TV may be as important as the message you have to offer?

We'll ask Raymond D. Strother, author of Falling Up: How a Redneck Helped Political Consulting.

• Capitol Hill's not the only place where folks on either side of the political spectrum butt heads and exchange blows. The battle between the left vs. the right is also finding its way into America's colleges.

We'll talk about it with Kelly Coyne, opinion editor for California Patriot, and Josh Mercer of the Leadership Institute.

Those stories and more... tonight on The Big Story at 5 p.m ET.

Note: All guests and topics subject to change