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5.9.03: Students involved in hazing incident to face charges

5.8.03: Climber who amputated own arm with pocketknife describes ordeal

War on Terror:

5.1.03: President Bush's address USS Abraham Lincoln | Part II

3.27.03: Pres. Bush and British PM Tony Blair hold a joint news conference.

3.25.03: British PM Tony Blair says war is progressing exactly as planned.

3.24.03: British PM Tony Blair briefs his nation on the progress of the war.

3.23.03: President Bush demands humane treatment of American POW's

3.23.03: President Bush Part II

3.20.03: British Prime Minister Tony Blair addresses his nation

3.19.03: President Bush announces the start of the campaign to liberate Iraq

3.18.03: President Bush presents an ultimatum to Saddam Hussein

3.17.03: Sec. of State Colin Powell announces withdraw of 18th resolution

3.16.03: President Bush's address at the Azores summit

3.6.03: President Bush updates the nation on the war on terror

2.5.03: Communications Intercept I

2.5.03: Communications Intercept II

2.5.03: Communications Intercept III

2.5.03: Iraqi Test Flight of a F-1 Mirage

2.5.03: Inspectors Examine Warheads

The Columbia Tragedy

2.28.03:  NASA Releases Onboard Video: Part 1 | Part 2

2.2.03: FNC tribute to the astronauts of the space shuttle Columbia

2.1.03: President Bush addresses the nation

R.I. Nightclub Disaster:

2.21.03: TV Station Captures Horror From the Inside