Demi Moore, Madonna and Survivor

Demi Moore, Madonna and Survivor in the Foxlight.

So Demi Moore came on to a guy and he said 'no?' That only happens in the movies right? Yes, the film was called Disclosure but now it seems to have happened in real life. The former manager of Moore's Idaho ranch says he turned down her advances and got canned for it. He wants $200,000. Moore's attorney have called the charges "ridiculous" but if they really are, why does the attorney claim the guy violated a confidentiality agreement? The real question is, could I manage an Idaho ranch? Hmmm.

Next, Madonna had another record store concert -- this one in London -- and blew a chord change in the song "X-Static Process." When is she going to realize she can't really perform without a lot of electronic assistance? Between this and the MTV concert and the movie Swept Away maybe just raising the kids will have to be enough. Sorry, Maddie.

Finally, did anyone watch Survivor's finale Sunday night? Me either, but they keep pumpin' these things out like we care. Now if they start singing in the jungle and Simon Cowell is there complaining about the torch ceremony, that's a show. Paula Abdul in a loincloth anyone?